• In an emergency, EMTs & ER doctors cannot immediately gather your medical records. EMTs & doctors need your medical records to make the correct life-saving treatment choices. Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

    ECD solves this problem by providing doctors with multiple ways to display your medical records within 30 seconds, 24/7, worldwide without the Internet.

    Hospitals & Physicians tell us to be prepared for admittance to the ER by always having the following items with us. ECD displays this information as well as one’s complete, personal Electronic Medical Records even if you are unconscious.

    • Your photo ID and insurance card
    • A list of medications and supplements you’re taking
    • A list of your medical allergies
    • Recent test results that you feel could be related to your current emergency
    • The contact information of your primary care and specialist physicians

    Emergency Contact Data does not ask for any personal identifiers, does not store credit card data, and information is encrypted when sent.

    $9.99 / Year — $1.29 / month

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