How Emergency Contact Data Works

Getting Started — Enroll and complete your online profile

After enrolling you will complete your profile as time permits. All information updating takes place in your online profile. Updating your online profile automatically updates your mobile app information. It is important that your profile is always complete and current. The more information the better when it comes to saving your life.

How ECD Works in an Emergency Situation

You are traveling in your auto at 9 P.M. with your family and a truck crashes into you. Everyone is seriously injured and unconscious. EMTs do not have and cannot legally gather your family's medical records to know how best to treat your family. The best medical outcomes are assured when medical records are immediately available. What happens during the first 60 minutes after an event determines the long-term quality of life for each survivor and can save one’s life. Emergency Contact Data rapidly provides a person’s medical records within 30 seconds, 24/7/365, anywhere in the world.

Police and EMTs see the Emergency Contact Data’s member decal on your windshield that lets them know that you have your medical records with you.


Decal on Windshield

Decal on Door


First Responders find the Emergency Contact Data Photo ID Card and/or Keychain Tags that provide access to your medical records.

First Responders will find the primary Emergency Contact Data Photo ID Card or one of three key chain tags that comes in the free Emergency Contact Data Membership Kit. Using the ID Card or Keychain Tag allows your medical records to be displayed within 30 seconds. Keychain Tags can be easily attached to children’s belt loops, backpacks, zipper pulls, etc.




Links on the Emergency Contact Data ID Card and Keychain Tag direct first responders and medical personnel to the Emergency Contact Data website for immediate access to medical records.

First responders and medical personnel can also scan the Emergency Contact Data QR code on the ID Card and Keychain Tag to access your medical records on the Emergency Contact Data website.

First Responders will access the Emergency Contact Data Free Mobile App

First responders are trained to look to your phone for emergency information. They will see the Emergency Contact Data App decal on the back of your phone. The App’s Icon looks just like the decal on the back of your phone.

When the first responders or medical personnel touch the Emergency Contact Data Icon your comprehensive medical records will be displayed on your phone within 5 seconds.



Emergency Contact Data Immediately Presents Your Medical Records

Your medical records are presented in priority order for medical personnel viewing. This allows medical personnel to completely review your medical records within the next 30 seconds – a speed unique to Emergency Contact Data.

Emergency Contact Data Printed Version of Your Medical Records

Your Emergency Contact Data Membership allows you to print a complete copy of your pertinent medical records for placement in a specially marked envelope in your car’s console or glove compartment. View emergency data profile.


Availability of Medical Records

In today’s world of advancing technology your medical records are still not immediately available. Because permissions have not been officially executed one’s medical records are almost impossible to retrieve, especially true on the weekends or after medical facilities and doctor’s offices are closed Monday-Friday. Having your medical records immediately available will assure you of the best medical treatment to include saving your life. You and your loved ones will be glad you were an Emergency Contact Data Member.

Security – Your Identity is Safe with Emergency Contact Data

Emergency Contact Data does not collect a driver license number, Social Security number, date of birth or store credit card data. Cyber-criminals will not find the personal identifiers that are used to steal identities. The principal reason cyber-criminals access an online medical account is to steal a person’s identity, not to access medical records. Emergency Contact Data has eliminated the primary content that leads to identity theft. However, nearly everywhere else, such as at hospitals and doctor’s offices, your personal identifiers are used to access your medical data which places your identity in jeopardy. This makes Emergency Contact Data one of the safest places for your medical information.

What you do now could save your life!