• When you experience a sudden illness, a heart attack or stroke, or you are in a serious accident, medical personnel cannot get your medical records to help save your life. Hospitals & Physicians tell us to be ready for ER admittance by always having our emergency medical records with us at all times.

    The Emergency Contact Data service solves this problem by displaying your personal, electronic medical records within 5 seconds, 24/7, worldwide, without the Internet, even when you are unconscious.

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    The Emergency Contact Data Service can display your complete, personal Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Here is just a sampling of what the ECD Service provides:

    • Medical alerts: Rare blood type / medical condition
    • Your medications list
    • Your allergies
    • Recent test results that are critical to your healthcare
    • All your doctor’s names & their contact information
    • Your X-Rays, EKG’s, Summary Reports, etc.
    • Your Photo ID & Insurance Information

    Emergency Contact Data does not ask for any personal identifiers, does not store credit card data, and information is encrypted when sent.

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