Everyone Benefits from Emergency Contact Data

    • EMS
      ECD gives instant access to medical alerts and vital personal medical records – health history.

    • Law Enforcement
      ECD helps to quickly identify injured parties and notify emergency contacts.

    • Doctor
      ECD presents alerts – existing conditions and expedites their physicians’ contact.

    • Nurse
      ECD saves time in an emergency as key medications and allergies can be instantly available.

    • School Teacher & Administrator
      ECD gives instant access to medical alerts, vital health history and emergency contacts.

    • Assisted Living Coordinator
      Almost every aspect of the profile can be helpful: contacts, medications, allergies, treatments, appointments.

    • Employer
      ECD is a valuable, yet economical employee benefit to offer to all employees.

    • Service Association
      ECD is a win-win – it generates on-going fundraising revenue while benefitting contributors.

    • Mom & Dad
      The whole family is safer and more secure when members carry access to their important contact and medical information.