Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Member Profile Center

      1. What is the Profile Center?

        Your Profile Center is where you create and add information to your profile, including information that is viewed by first responders. There are also a number of additional features within the Profile Center, such as, photo upload, printing temporary cards and tags, and sending an email of your profile to medical providers. These are only a few of the items available to you within your Profile Center.

      2. How is the Profile Center organized?

        The Profile Center contains a lot of information, so when you login the first time, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with how it is organized.

        • Profile Summary – Located in the center of the page. Initially, only the Profile Information and Profile Data will be partially completed. Below these items are red links to the Profile Categories for you to complete. The Profile Summary displays all of the information that you have entered into your contacts and medical categories.

        • Profile Center – The Profile Center link is beneath your name on the left. Clicking Profile Center returns you to the Profile Summary page.

        • Manage Profiles – Click on any one of the 13 categories listed beneath Manage Profiles to enter and edit information for each category.

        • Member Resources – The items beneath this title allow you to upload your photo, print a temporary ID Card and Tag, email or print your profile, upload, store, and access legal forms and x-rays, plus more...

        • Manage Account – This is where you manage your account information: update credit card and address information, change your name or member id, link other members, and more...

        • Member Links – When activated, the names of the linked members will appear at the upper right side of the Profile Summary page, directly beneath the red header.

        • Explore Additional Features – Click the graphic link at the top of the right column for an overview of ECD’s Additional Features – Be sure to review this section of your Profile Center.

        • Profile Additions – To activate one of the three Profile Additions select the checkbox next to the addition and press the ADD PROFILE ADDITION button.

          • Pet Profile – Create an emergency contacts and medical profile for your cat or dog; one much like yours.

          • Mental Illness Profile – Activate the Mental Health Profile to use up to 15 mental health related profile categories.

          • Appointments – Add this feature to enter your medical appointments and record appointment notes.

      3. How do I access my Profile Center?

        You access your Profile Center by clicking the Member Login image on the Home page or by clicking the Member Login menu item at the upper right of each page. Then enter your Member ID and Password.

      4. Is my personal profile information kept confidential?

        Yes, your information is kept on a secure server with a fire wall.

      5. Who has access to my Profile Center Account?

        Only you have access to your secure, password encrypted Profile Center and the detailed information you enter into your profile’s categories and special account features.

      6. Can I update my Emergency Contact Data profile?

        Yes, you can login and update your profile at any time you desire.

      7. Is there a limit to the number of updates I can make?

        There is no limit to the number of updates you can make. Simply login under the menu item titled, “Member Login”. You can access your Profile from any internet accessible computer or mobile device. ECD is easy to use from any location; at the doctor’s office, while traveling, or at home.

      8. How is my mobile app updated?

        You update your profile by logging in online and then making changes to your online profile in your Profile Center. The next time you open your app with internet connectivity, the updates will instantly appear.

        There is no limit to the number of updates you can make.

      9. How much information should I enter into my profile?

        The amount of information you include in your ECD profile is totally up to you, however the more information the better, as the information might be used to save your life in emergency situations, or will be very convenient when filling out medical forms and discussing your medical status with doctors and healthcare professionals.