Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Affinity Partner Program

      1. What is an Affinity Partner Program?

        It is a program wherein non-profit organizations can participate with Emergence Contact Data in revenue sharing to benefit their fundraising efforts.

      2. How does my organization become an Affinity Partner?

        First, review the program introduction. Then, as an official representative of your organization register to review the entire program, including branding and marketing support materials, participant Contact Data Forms, and Revenue Tracking dashboard. Upon your review and our mutual approval, an electronic agreement with your organization will be put in place. This agreement will include bank account information for making secure, automatic direct deposits of your revenue share into your bank account.

      3. Who is an Affinity Program Member?

        It is an ECD member that has signed-up using an Affinity Partner ID. These members have been referred to ECD by way of an Affinity Partner and have entered the Affinity Partner’s Referral Code during sign-up.

      4. How does signing-up using an Affinity Partner’s Referral Code benefit the non-profit organization.

        A portion of each member’s annual fee is donated to the Affinity Partner’s fundraising efforts.

      5. How do I know that I have signed-up as an ECD Affinity Member?

        Your membership ID Card will be branded with the Affinity Partner’s logo and the Affinity Partner’s logo will appear in your Member Profile Center.

      6. How do I know if my favorite organization is an ECD Affinity Partner member?

        You may have received an announcement or seen an ECD message on the organization’s website or in one of their emails to you. You can ask your favorite organization if they are an ECD Affinity Partner.

      7. Is there any difference between the cost of an ECD Affinity membership and an ECD standard membership?

        Possibly. Check with the organization or email Emergency Contact Data your inquiry.