Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Employee Benefit Program

      1. What is the ECD Employee Benefit Program?

        The Employee Benefit Program is structured to enable small and large businesses to economically offer the Emergency Contact Data membership to their employees and family members as an employee benefit.

      2. How does my business become part of the ECD Employee Benefit Program?

        First, review the program introduction. Then, as an official representative of your organization register to review the entire program, including branding and marketing support materials, participant Contact Data Forms, and Participant Tracking dashboard. Upon your review and our mutual approval, an electronic agreement with your organization will be put in place. This agreement will include bank account information for making secure, automatic direct deposits of your revenue share into your bank account.

      3. Who are ECD Employee Benefit Members?

        Members comprise the organization&squo;s management, employees, and may as an option include immediate family members.

      4. How is the ECD Employee Benefit Program implemented?

        Each ECD Employee Benefit Program is designed and administered as the employer organization desires. ECD will adopt an accounting method that compliments the organization’s infrastructure and wishes. The organization may pay for the enrollment of its employees in a variety of ways. The accounting process will be available in real time, so the organization can review the performance of the program at will.