Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Member Card and Tags Printing and Ordering

      1. Can I order extra card sets, keychain tags or decals when I first enroll to be included with the free membership kit?

        No. The enrollment process includes one free membership kit, free mobile app and free mailing for all domestic members. Due to ECD paying for the free membership kit and postage ECD does not allow other items to be included with the initial order. ECD recommends that each member use their free membership items for a while before deciding to order additional items. That will ensure you order and have the exact items you need to support your daily and emergency medical needs.

      2. Can I print a Temporary Member ID Card?

        Yes. To print a Temporary Membership ID Card on your printer, log in to your Profile Center and select Print ID Card from menu located at the left side of your Profile Center page. Remember to add your photo on your Profile Summary Page to have it included on you temporary card. This is intended to be carried on your person until your permanent card arrives.

      3. Should I laminate my the temporary paper Membership ID Card that I print on my own printer?

        It is up to you. The card you print is only a temporary ID Card until your permanent one arrives in the mail. Most office supply stores have an inexpensive, easy-to-use laminating kit that anyone can use to laminate a card. This will extend the life of your temporary card.

      4. How do I add my photo to my Membership ID Card?

        You can add your photo by: 1) clicking the “Upload Photo” link in the empty portrait placeholder at the upper right of the initial Profile Summary page, or 2) by clicking the Upload Photo link in the Cards, Tags, and Decals menu item at the lower left of your Profile Center pages.

      5. What type of photo should I upload?

        Upload a “head and shoulders portrait style” photo of medium size in jpg or jpeg file format.

      6. Where should I carry my Emergency Contact Data ID Card?

        Carry your Emergency Contact Data ID card where you would normally carry your driver’s license. It is the most important card in your wallet or purse. Make it the first thing found when a person looks in your purse or wallet. You can attach it to your children’s lunch box, to their backpack or put it in their school binders. You can make as many copies as you like.

      7. How should I use the ECD ID Key Chain Tags?

        There are many ways and situations in which the ECD ID Tags can be used: Attach to your children’s lunch box, backpack, or school binder. Attach it to a purse, a jacket pull, belt loop or key ring. Wear the tag on your wrist or tuck in your short’s pocket while exercising or jogging – run your shoe string through the tag’s chain hole.