Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Member Linking

      1. What is Member Linking?

        Member Linking makes navigation between members who want to share their information easy. You are able to login once and then access each linked member's profile without logging in again.

      2. Where do I setup Member Linking?

        Select Member Linking under Manage Account in your Profile Center and follow the step-by-step instructions.

      3. How do you use Member Linking?

        Member Linking is especially useful for a husband and wife who want to share each others’ medical information, or for parents of minor children or guardians of minors or adults. Note: A total of 10 members may be linked.

      4. Can I delink myself from Member Linking?

        Yes, you can delete the Link Manager ID that associates your profile with Member Linking. This is done on your Member Linking page within your Profile Center. Your Member ID is also automatically removed from the Linked Member List within the Link Manager’s Member Linking page.

      5. Can the Link Manager remove me from Member Linking?

        Yes, by deselecting the checkbox next to your name within the Linked Member List and pressing UPDATE.

      6. Who has access to my Member Profile when using Member Linking?

        The purpose of Member Linking is to allow the viewing and editing of other member’s information. All linked members can view and access each other’s information.

      7. Can I delink and relink myself with a different member?

        Yes, you can associate your profile with a different Link Manager ID, or you can become the Link Manager of another group of members. However, you must delink yourself from any existing linkage before doing so. You can only be a member of one linked group at one time.

      8. What is the ECD Member Link guideline regarding Protected Health Information (PHI)?

        Because of Protected Health Information policies, minor children should be delinked by their parent or guardian when they reach the Age of Majority in their state or country of residence. Adult children then have the option of re-linking to their family, remaining unlinked, or should they start a family of their own, establishing a new linked family. Link Managers who link to adults for whom they are guardians are required to have written permission on file from the adult under their guardianship giving them permission to access and disseminate their medical data.

        Also see, Parental, Guardian, and Member Link Overview.

      9. Where do I find more detailed information?

        In your Profile Center, under Member Linking.