Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • ECD Mobile App Support

      1. What is the cost of the ECD Mobile App?

        The app is free once you are enrolled. The ECD Mobile App is intended as an emergency support option for the display of your emergency contact and medical information to yourself and first responders.

      2. On what mobile device platforms can I install the ECD app?

        Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms.

      3. How can I obtain an Emergency Contact Data Mobile App?

        Go to your device’s app store and do a search for “Emergency Contact Data” to locate and download the free app on your device.

        • Apple – iTunes AppStore
        • Android – Google Play Store

      4. Who will use the ECD Mobile App?

        The ECD Mobile App is intended for use by first responders in emergency situations. Touching the ECD app icon will cause your emergency profile to be displayed within 5 seconds. This saves an enormous of time and will allow the most immediate treatment to improve your medical outcome and potentially save your life.

        The ECD Mobile App may be used as a reference tool for use in the doctor’s office when discussing medical and prescription information, at the pharmacy when referencing prescriptions, when completing health information forms, or when checking for a scheduled health-related visit that has been entered into the App’s appointment feature.

      5. How do I move the ECD Emergency Contact Data app icon to the first page of my device’s display?

        It is important that the distinctive ECD icon be placed in a prominent position on the first page of your mobile device so that first responders are alerted to the fact that your emergency information is available to them on your tablet or smart phone.

        On the Apple mobile device, press the icon for a few seconds; all of the icons will begin to vibrate; when this happens, drag the icon to the left, continuing to drag it until it reaches the first page; then release the icon and press the “home” button below to stop the vibration and set the icon in place.

        On the Android mobile device, press the icon for a few seconds; the ECD icon will become selected; when this happens, drag the icon to the left, continuing to drag it until it reaches the first page; then release the icon and press the “home” button below to set the icon in place.

      6. How do I update the information in the ECD Mobile App?

        You do not enter content into the app. The online convenience of ECD is the lynchpin of the service. Once the member has his profile set up he simply updates his profile online as changes occur that impact his medical record. This takes no time at all. The online updates happen immediately and the mobile app is set to automatically update the instant the app is accessed. There is never any updating at the app level. ECD is unprecedented in providing a comprehensive record of a person’s medical history within a few seconds.

      7. Is the app stored on my mobile devices?

        Yes. An inherent feature of ECD is that the member’s emergency medical profile is stored on one’s mobile devices. This means, in the event of a serious disaster, as long as the member’s mobile device will power up, he has his emergency medical profile at his fingertips anywhere in the world – even if phone lines, the Internet, and cell towers are down. The ECD system is mandatory for any domestic or international traveler, and is especially valuable at sea where connectivity is limited and expensive.

      8. How long does it take for my app to display?

        4-5 seconds.

      9. How often should I review my Mobile App’s information on my phone or tablet?

        You must open each of your installed ECD Mobile Apps every time you update your Member Profile on the ECD website for the update to take place. By doing this, your updated information will be automatically downloaded and stored on your mobile device, ready for up-to-date viewing.

      10. Must the mobile device be connected to the internet for the ECD Mobile App’s update to take place?


      11. Can my contact and medical information be viewed if there is no cell tower access for my mobile device?

        Yes, your information is stored on your device in a local database. As long as the device has power, your emergency contact and medical profile is available to whoever has access to your cell phone or tablet.

      12. If my mobile phone or tablet is lost or stolen, how do I prevent access to my ECD Mobile App profile?

        Go to your Profile Center on the ECD website, select Update Password & Email from the Manager Profiles menu, and change your password. Access to your profile will now only be available by logging in using your new password.

      13. Is the information available to first responders the same as my information in my Profile Center?

        The information on your mobile device features the same category content that is available for viewing by a first responder on the ECD website. This is a slightly abbreviated version of the information as it appears in the Member Profile Center. View either the Member Profile Example or the First Responder Profile Example, and then toggle between the two to compare the differences.

        Additional support categories are available within the member’s Profile Center. These include modules for: Mental Health, Pets (Dogs & Cats), Appointments, Digital Storage of X-Rays and Vital Documents, and printing and emailing features.

      14. Who is responsible for the accuracy of the information in my ECD Mobile App profile?

        This website acts only to facilitate the presentation of information provided by its members who have sole responsibility for the accuracy of any posted information.

      15. How do I access the information in the ECD Mobile App?

        You are initially required to login to the ECD Mobile App using your member id and password the first time the app is opened. Thereafter, no login is required, just press the ECD icon.

      16. I received a “Your Membership has Expired” message when I attempted to access my mobile profile, what should I do?

        You will need to renew your membership on Emergency Contact Data website. Once you have renewed your membership, your Emergency Contact and Medical Profile will once again be available for viewing.

      17. I cannot login to the ECD Mobile App?

        Please make sure you are using the correct member id and password, the same one you use to login to your Profile Center. Remember, your password is case-sensitive.

      18. I previously had access to my ECD Member Profile, but now I am being requested to log in using my Member ID and Password. Why?

        If you changed your Member ID or Password you will be required to login using your new Member ID or Password. After logging in, you will not be required to login again.

      19. Who can view my contact and medical profile in my ECD App?

        Anyone that has access to your app. By its very nature, the app is intended to display your contact and medical information so emergency and health care personnel can assist you. Be sure that the distinctive ECD icon is placed in a prominent position on the first page of your mobile tablet or phone.

      20. Should I lock my phone?

        No! Access to the ECD Icon is essential if first responders are to use your emergency medical profile to render care and potentially save your life. Plus, access to your emergency contacts will allow first responders to notify your loved ones of your emergency situation and your location.

      21. Is it mandatory to have the Emergency App decal on the back of my phone?

        No, but it is suggested, as first responders will be looking for your medical information and contacts if you are unconscious. You want first responders to be able to immediately find your free emergency app.