How Emergency Contact Data Works


      Getting Started

      After enrolling you will enter your information in your online profile as time permits. All information updating takes place in your online profile, which auto-updates your online profile and your app; the more information the better when it comes to saving your life.

      Problem Emergency Contact Data Solves

      In emergencies, your medical records are not immediately available. Emergency Contact Data solves that problem by displaying your personal, electronic medical records (EMR) within 5 seconds, 24/7, worldwide even if you are unconscious and the Internet is not available. The best medical outcomes, to include survival occur when your medical records are immediately available. What happens during the first 60 minutes after a medical event determines one's long-term quality of life.

      How Emergency Contact Data Works in Emergencies

      Emergency personnel with injured person on gurney.None of us know when we will be suddenly struck with a serious illness (seizure, stroke, heart attack) or fall victim to a serious injury. However, we do know that there are about 141 million ER visits per year and that 1-in-5 will visit the ER this year. Just these two statistics emphasize the need for each of us to always be prepared for our own ER visit.


      Police and EMTs see the Emergency Contact Data’s member decal on your windshield or entrance window to your home that lets them know that your medical records available.


      Emergency Contact Data Alert Decal for windshields and windows.
      Decal on Windshield

      Decal on Door


      Online personal medical record access in case of an emergency.2
      First Responders find the Emergency Contact Data Photo ID Card and/or Keychain Tags that provide access to your online medical records.

      Using the ID Card or Keychain Tag allows your medical records to be displayed within 5 seconds. Keychain Tags can be easily attached to children’s belt loops, backpacks, zipper pulls, etc.

      Keychain tags with member ID and QR code for emergency personal medical record access.      Place the Emergency Contact Data Photo ID in the ID holder of your wallet.


      Links on the Emergency Contact Data ID Card and Keychain Tag direct first responders and medical personnel to the Emergency Contact Data website for immediate access to medical records.

      First responders and medical personnel can also scan the Emergency Contact Data QR code on the ID Card and Keychain Tag to access your medical records on the Emergency Contact Data website.


      First Responders will access the Emergency Contact Data Free Mobile App

      When first responders or medical personnel touch the Emergency Contact Data Icon your comprehensive medical records will be displayed on your phone or tablet within 5 seconds.

      Emergency Medical Health Records on mobile app for Android and Apple phones.
      Emergency Records Availability Sticker for applying to back of phones or tablets.

      First responders are trained to look to your phone for emergency information. They will see the Emergency Contact Data App decal on the back of your phone. The App’s Icon looks just like the decal on the back of your phone.


      Emergency Contact Data Printed Version of Your Medical Records

      Easily print your personal medical health record.

      Your Emergency Contact Data Membership allows you to print a complete copy of your pertinent medical records for placement in a specially marked envelope in your car's console or glove compartment, a visible location in your home, or to go along with your important travel papers.


      What you do now could save your life!