Multiple Access Points for Medical Personnel


      Frequently in accidents people are separated from their wallet or purse. First responders are trained to look for both printed and digital access to medical records. No one medical card or single access point can be relied on to alert medical personnel. More access equals more protection.

      • The Emergency Contact Data card is distinctive, includes the individual’s photo, and fits into the primary ID location in wallets and purses.

      • Three Key-chain tags can be attached to highly visible items that a person carries.

      • Windshield / home window decals alert first responders to the immediate availability of emergency, medical information.

      • The Emergency Contact Data mobile app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices and displays the member’s emergency, medical data within 5 seconds.

      • The mobile app is supported by an alert sticker that is applied to the back of the phone or tablet.

      • The person’s entire medical profile can be printed and kept in the glove compartment or console of a vehicle, carried with important papers while traveling or placed at home for access by babysitters, family members and emergency personnel. Nothing can take the place of Emergency Contact Data protection when a person is traveling, even when in the most remote place.

      What you do now could save your life!