What Doctors Say & The Golden Hour


      What Doctors Say

      One out of five Americans visits the emergency room each year. Sometimes you might need to go to the ER for a cold, but can you remember all your routine mediations and their dosages and do you have your regular doctors' contact information? When you are seriously hurt and can't speak for yourself, doctors need to immediately access your medical records to properly treat your emergency. Being a member of Emergency Contact Data allows your medical records to be immediately reviewed by the ER physicians. Being a member of ECD can dramatically improve your medical outcome and it could save your life.

      The Golden Hour – 60 Precious Minutes

      “There is a golden hour between life and death. If you are critically injured you have less than 60 minutes to survive. You might not die right then; it may be three days or two weeks later, but something has happened in your body that is irreparable.”
      — Dr. R Adams Cowley


      What you do now could save your life!