Emergency Contact Data Team

    Don Petty, CEO / Founder

    • Portrait of Don Petty CEO/Founder of Emergency Contact Data
    • Don graduated with a BS; double major Business Management & Psychology. He worked in various management positons with mostly Fortune 500 corporations such as Liquid Paper, Sweetheart Cup, International Multifoods and The University System Cancer Center, otherwise known as the M.D. Anderson Medical Complex. His interest in Internet businesses took over in 1999 and he has never looked back.

    Michael McGrath, CTO / Partner

    • Portrait of Michael McGrath, CTO, Developer and Designer of Emergency Contact Data
    • Michael McGrath graduated with a degree in visual communications from The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and Roosevelt University. During college Michael began his interest in computers as an IBM mainframe computer operator for Time Inc. In 1977 he founded Michael McGrath Design, a marketing firm, which is still growing. For the past 15 years his business focus has been on the design and development of Internet-based solutions.

    Lou Mathis / Vice President of Business Development

    • Portrait of Michael McGrath, CTO, Developer and Designer of Emergency Contact Data
    • Lou Mathis graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a double minor in Law and Finance from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Lou began his business career with the Harris Corporation and during his nineteen years held various management positions progressing into business development. In addition to the Harris Corporation, Lou found success at Data General, Network Appliance, CrossComm Corporation, and Radware Corporation. His skills revolve around quickly identifying and solving business problems. Lou’s continued success stems from his desire to always strive for win – win solutions. Lou served the United States as an Officer in the US Navy, mostly aboard aircraft carriers and also found time along the way to publish two novels under the pen name “Marion Mathis”.