Emergency Contact Data for Communication Impaired


      Emergency Contact Data speaks for those that cannot effectively communicate for themselves.

      People with impaired communication face many challenges related to their health and well-being. Any communication disorder that impairs communication, such as; hearing loss, speech disorders, autism, severe dyslexia, mental illness, impaired motor skills, can compromise health outcomes and / or place a person in danger. During a medical event or accident impaired communication can result in short and long term chronic, medical conditions, a decreased quality of life and possibly death. Not being able to effectively communicate with law enforcement personnel when lost can place a person in a life-threatening situation that can be pre-empted with an Emergency Contact Data membership.

      Testimonial: “On November 12, 2015 I went to First Choice Emergency Room; I could not speak to tell them what was happening to me. Medical staff could see my distress and swelling and nurses surrounded me with questions. Handing them my phone where I had pulled up the ECD icon with all of my medical info answering all questions saved my life. I was diagnosed with angioedema, which is a sudden swelling of tissues. There was no explanation why this occurred. Thank goodness I had the Emergency Contact Data app.”
      — Emily C., Dallas, Texas

      When incapacitated or unconscious, Emergency Contact Data “takes over and is your voice when you cannot speak.”

      What you do now could save your life!