Manage Legal and Medical Documents Overview

    • The Manage Legal Forms Module is an easily accessible repository for six important health-and-well-being forms that can help ensure that your wishes are met and that you receive proper care if you become mentally and/or physically incapacitated. Please consult with a health-care professional or a Will & Estate Planning Attorney concerning legal requirements of these forms in your jurisdiction.

      Help ensure that your wishes are met should you become incapacitated or deceased by uploading and storing these important documents: General Power of Attorney, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical or Healthcare Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians, Declaration of Guardian, and Anatomical Gift.


      Documents Available for Viewing by First Responders

      Healthcare Power of Attorney
      Directive to Physicians
      Anatomical Gift
      ECG / EKG
      MRI Summary
      CT (CAT) Scan Summary
      Patient Discharge Form
      Information Release Form
      Add Addditional Reference Images and PDF Documents

      Documents Privately Viewable within Your Profile Center

      General Power of Attorney
      Durable / Medical Power of Attorney
      Declaration of Guardian