• Make viewing multiple member profiles easier by using Member Linking.

      Member Linking

      Member Linking, found in your profile center, makes navigation between members easy.

    • A simple, easy-to-use way to keep all of your appointments with your medical information.

      Appointment Scheduler – View Example  

      Keep your appointments in one easily accessible location.

    • Store your x-rays to they are available to health care providers.

      X-Ray Storage – View Example  

      Use the X-Ray Storage module to upload your x-rays.

    • Archive your legal documents so they are readily available  should you need to grant a general or medical/healthcare Power of Attorney. Archive five types of legal documents.

      Manage Legal and Medical Documents – View Document List

      Help ensure that your wishes are met by uploading important documents.

    • Emergency Contact Data lets you aggregate – place your personal medical records for all of your doctors and treatments in one place.

      Health Care Providers & Medical Records Hub – View Hub

      ECD is a comprehensive aggregator of your Providers and Medical Records.

    • The Mental Health module includes a wide range of information and profiles that can help the care-giver or consumer more efficiently manage the numerous details associated with the care of a mentally ill person.

      The Mental Health Profile Module – View Example

      This module facilitates the care and management of someone with a mental illness.

    • International Compatibility

      ECD is structured for international use in English, uses local postal addressing and telephone codes, and adapts to the metric system where needed.

    • Affinity Partner members benefit from a portion of their member’s fee being donated to their organization.

      Affinity Partner Association Program

      If you own or manage a business, contact ECD to find out more about its revenue sharing Affinity Partner Program.

    • The ECD Employee Benefit Program provides a valuable service to employees while complementing a company’s employee relations efforts.

      Employer / Employee Benefit Program

      If you own or manage a business, contact ECD to find out more about its Employer / Employee Benefit Program, as this program brings true meaning to the motto “We Care.” Protect your workforce investment worldwide, 24/7 for 75 cents per employee, per month.