Dog & Cat Medical Records Overview


    The Emergency Contact Data Membership for Dogs and Cats contains the same type of comprehensive medical records as available to human family members, with the exception of the mobile app. The Pet Profile includes the addition of a pet photo, owner and emergency contact information, complete medical record tailored to dogs and cats, plus areas for the entry of a Microchip number and 4 types pet registration.

    At right, are examples of the ECD Member ID card and tag for pets. These display your pet’s Name, Member ID, and Website URL plus QR (Quick Response) Code that emergency personnel can use to access your pet’s emergency contacts and important medical data.

    Your pet's profile is valuable information that assures anyone caring for your dog or cat — family members and friends, pet sitters, kennels and your vet will have the information they need should a medical issue arise.

    In a real-life situation, any person that finds a pet enrolled with an ECD Pet EMR can call the phone number located on the collar tag. Should your dog or cat be in distress, your pet's medical record is accessible within 30 seconds using a mobile device or laptop / desktop computer.

    Features and Utility Summary

    • Customized for Dogs and Cats
    • Photo ID Card for visual identification and access to contact and medical records
    • Three Collar Tags with phone number, pet name and member ID
    • QR (Quick Response) Code for rapid profile access
    • Three Alert Decal for attachment to window or door
    • Attach Collar Tag to pet carrier
    • Attach Collar Tag to family's keychain tag ring at Medical-Central in the home
    • Print the Pet Profile to keep at Medical Central or give to your vet and pet sitters
    • Email the Pet Profile to those responsible for the care of your dog or cat

    Is a Mocro-chip Enough?

    Micro-chipping a dog or cat is only a way of getting your name and phone number and requires a hand-held scanner to read the chip. In most cases, a microchip is of limited value, while your normal dog or cat tag provides much quicker contact information, the ECD Pet EMR is the best method for identifying you, your dog or cat, and ensuring their medical well-being.


    Your Pet ID Card, ID Tags and Alert Decals along with your pet’s New Member Letter detailing the many benefits of the service are part of its membership kit mailed to you in ECD’s eye-catching red envelope.