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    • “When I went to First Choice Emergency Room; I could not speak to tell them what was happening to me. Medical staff could see my distress and swelling and nurses surrounded me with questions. Handing them my phone where I had pulled up the ECD icon with all of my medical info answering all questions saved my life. I was diagnosed with angioedema, which is a sudden swelling of tissues. There was no explanation why this occurred. Thank goodness I had the Emergency Contact Data app.”

      — Emily C., Dallas, Texas

    • “I had been doing research on a replacement for a now defunct Life Data card in my wallet that was over 10 years old.

      I did a Google search and came across Emergency Contact Data.

      I have never seen anything so comprehensive and available across so many platforms and it’s fast.

      The information can be modified or updated any time and it is very affordable for what it provides.”

      — Jim C., Kirkland Washington

    • “This is the one app that I would not be without. It provides a measure of safety which I hope that I will never have to use. At the least during an accident or sudden illness, it would provide the health care providers with ICE and physician contact numbers and medication information. It has a potential of being a lifesaver!”

      — Ed Z., Chewelah, Washington

    • “I’ve been fortunate to have never required emergency medical care. However, I am 64, and I am an avid weekend motorcycle rider with an active lifestyle. I therefore realize the odds are that someday I may require emergency medical care. I’ve often asked myself, what if I should ever become incapacitated and be unable to communicate or remember what medications I take. Emergency Contact Data provided the solution. With a cell phone or any internet connection, medical technicians, nurses and doctors may gain instant access to my medical history, medications and emergency contacts. It’s a wonderful feeling and a real peace of mind knowing that all my medical records travel with me whenever and wherever I go.”

      — Gary M., Forney, Texas

    • “Great app, easy to enter your medical information and a valuable service to have in case of emergency so first responders can quickly find your medical information and doctor.”

      — Cheryl M., Lake Dallas, Texas

    • “I like the fact that my profile is instantly available. I have not had to use it in an emergency, but I can see how it would be invaluable if I was seriously ill or unconscious. It is very helpful when at the doctor’s office and I am filling out forms.”

      — Sally B., Dallas, Texas

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