The Mental Health Profile Module

    The Mental Health Profile Module is intended to allow a person with a mental illness, or a parent or guardian to enter and update information about providers, facilities and medications. This ECD Mental Health module includes areas for cataloging behaviors that could provide medical professionals with insight into the member's condition.

    Mental Health Profile Summary

    The Mental Health Profile Summary addresses mental health conditions and issues and also functions as a hyperlinked index for editing and entry of information.

    Categories Available in the Mental Health Module

    Crisis Contacts – Designed so you will have immediate access to your local and state public and private contact phone numbers. 13 Crisis and support contact plus notes are available for your use.

    Provider Contacts – Enter the contact information for as many doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, therapists and mental health professionals as you need.

    Support Contacts – Enter personal and professional support resources which could include family members, advocates, care givers, facilitators, and clergy.

    Diagnosis Condition – Enter and track the formal diagnosis' that are made by mental health providers. Multiple, dated entries with notes can be made allowing one a better understanding of the illness, its progression, and changes in its condition.

    This section also provides synopsis of the primary mental illnesses, which include: Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Mania, Major Depression, Bipolar, Bipolar 1, Bipolar 2, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

    Medications – Enter and add unlimited multiple prescriptions with number, dosage and frequency, pharmacy contact information and notes. Includes select menu for common medications and area for entering other medications; also includes a link for viewing a comprehensive summary of medications used for the treatment of mental health disorders at the National Institute of Mental Health web site.

    Counseling Sessions – Provides form for recording reason for session, location, counselor/facilitator, dates and times, and session notes.

    Consumer Notes – Allows the member or loved-one to comment on observations made relative to the on-going condition of the member. These notes may provide additional insight for the provider in their assessment and treatment of the member.

    Facilities – Enter facility information: name, location, contact person, phone number/email, and notes. Especially helpful for recording the variety of locations that a consumer may visit or reside. Frequently, these may include short-term emergency care facilities, long-term institutional facilities, special treatment hospitals and centers located throughout the country, and group homes for permanent living.

    Assistance Program – Enter financial, medical and housing assistance services and organizations contact information with notes.

    Support Groups – Enter both consumer and care-giver family directed support groups contact, location and meeting information.

    Local Organizations – Enter local organizations, such as the local NAMI chapter, that provide education, training and on-going support for the mentally ill and their families.

    Web Resources – This section contains a variety of national web resource links, plus, the ability for the consumer or care-giver to add as many of their own resources as they would like.

    Health Insurance – Enter Health Insurance plan and contact information for primary and supplemental policies.

    HIPAA Authorization Form – This is a basic template form for granting the care-giver permission to access HIPAA covered information on the part of the consumer. This form covers the intent of the granting of permission, however, each medical organization have their own guidelines for imparting HIPAA information to parties other than the actual patient.

    Appointment Scheduler – Provides a convenient interface and easily accessible location for archiving past appointments and recording upcoming appointments.