Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • First Responder Emergency Profile

      1. Can anyone access a members Emergency Contact Data Profile for First Responder viewing?

        It is intended for only those with your Member ID Number and Name to view your emergency contacts and medical profile. This information is thorough, but limited to “need to know” contact and medical content intended for viewing by emergency and medical personnel – police, firemen, EMTs, and ER staff or a close personal contact.

      2. I can’t seem to login to the First Responder’s Profile?

        The First Responder login is not case-sensitive, but you must enter the Member Name and Member ID exactly as they appear on the Member ID Card or Tag.

      3. Is a member’s First Responder’s Profile subject to HIPAA and PHI guidelines?

        A person’s legally protected right to create and publicize their own health data is not subject to HIPAA and PHI guidelines. The member or the member’s guardian entered the information presented in their Emergency Profile for its use in treatment rendered by first responders.

      4. Who is responsible for the Emergency Profile content?

        The member or the member’s guardian is responsible for the accuracy of the entered contact and medical information provided in the Emergency Contact and Medical Profile for use in the treatment rendered by first responders in an emergency situation.

        By way of agreement with ECD, the member or the member’s guardian gives their permission for the use of the data. This website acts only to facilitate the presentation of information by its enrollees who have sole responsibility for the accuracy of posted information.