Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Pet Registration and Management

      1. What type of pets can I register for ECD Pet Membership?

        Dogs and Cats.

      2. Can I register my dog or cat without my being an ECD member?

        No. Yes, as of March 15, 2015.

      3. Where do I sign-up my pet?

        There are two locations to sign-up your pet: Select the pet icon at the left side of the Sign-up page, or, from within your Profile Center, add the Pet Profile feature under Profile Additions, enter the Pet Profile and select Enroll a Pet.

      4. Does each pet that I register have a separate password?

        No, your password is used for all of the pets you register. Pets cannot login to their profile.

      5. How is my pet’s emergency profile viewed by the First Responder?

        By entering the pet’s Member ID and Name under the First Responder heading. Each pet has a unique Member ID. The pet name is its first name and your last name.

      6. How many pets can I register?

        As many pets as you would like to register.

      7. Are there any differences between a pet’s profile and a person’s profile?

        Yes, there are a few differences. There are not options for Power of Attorney, X-ray upload, Decal Alert, and of course the medication and vaccination categories are pet specific. Also, there is not a mobile app for pets.

      8. How do I access my pet’s profile?

        Access to your pet’s profile is on your Profile Summary page in your Profile Center. Select View Pet Profile under Profile Additions at the right side of your Profile Summary page.

      9. I do not see the View Pet Profile link. Where is it?

        If the checkbox before “Add Pet Module” is not checked, check-it and press the ADD PROFILE ADDITION button to active the Pet Profile feature.

      10. My spouse enrolled our pets, how do I edit our pet’s profiles?

        You will need to edit the pet profiles through the Profile Center of the person who enrolled the pets. You do this by logging in with the person’s password or by enabling ”Member Linking“ and then selecting their linked name at the upper right side of your Profile Summary page to enter their Profile Center.

      11. What is included in the Pet Membership ID Set?

        One credit card size Membership ID Card with photo area and three key-tag size IDs. Both ID types come with a QR code for Quick Response access to the First Responder Emergency Profile page.

      12. What is the cost of ECD Pet Membership?

        The cost is $17.95 for one year. It automatically renews on its annual anniversary date.