Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • Mental Health Module

      1. What Is the cost of the Mental Health Profile?

        It is a free Profile Addition available with an ECD membership.

      2. Who should use the Mental Health Profile?

        This module is intended for use by highly functioning persons with a mental illness and by parents, siblings, spouses, children, loved ones, caregivers and guardians who have been granted legal permission to provide care for a person with a mental illness.

      3. Can I use this module for anyone other than myself?

        The module is associated with each member’s Contact and Medical Conditions Profile, so yes, if you are the parent, legal guardian or legal caregiver of someone with a mental illness, or you have been granted written permission by the individual with a mental illness or court, you can enroll that person in ECD and manage their Contact and Medical Conditions Profile and their Mental Health Profile Addition within their Profile Center.

      4. How might the Mental Health Profile be used?

        The Mental Health Profile has approximately 15 categories that can help one manage the wide range of contacts, services, conditions, medications, and providers often-times required in the care of someone with a mental illness.

      5. How do I access the Mental Health Module?

        The Mental Health feature is a Profile Addition available at the upper right side of the member’s Profile Summary page. To activate this feature, check the checkbox next to “Add Mental Illness Profile” and press the ADD PROFILE ADDITION button. A View Mental Illness Profile link will now be available for entry into the feature.